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  • Where do I mail my rent?

    • 34118 Oakville Rd. SW Albany, OR 97321

    • It is imperative you write your rental address & the month on the memo line of your payment.


  • When is rent due?

    • Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th.

    • Checks are usually deposited either the Wednesday or Friday of the week they are received.

  • What form of payments do you accept?

    • Cashiers ​Check

    • Personal Check

    • Money Order

    • Cash

    • Unfortunately we do Not Accept Electronic Payments.


  • How much is a late fee?

    • $100.  No exceptions. - Firm Policy

  • Do you allow animals in your rentals?

    • No, we are sorry to say we do not allow any pets. -  Firm Policy.

  • Do you allow smoking in your rentals?

    • No, we do not permit smoking in our rentals.  -  Firm Policy.


  • When does my lease end?

    • Our lease contracts typically end sometime in June.


  • How many days must I give notice if I have a month-to-month contract?

    • ​A hand written notice must be delivered 30 days prior to your vacancy.


  • Do I need co-signers?

    • ​No, you can sign without a co-signer.


  • Are background checks performed?

    • ​Yes, background checks are conducted for all 18+ year old applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions
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